Wednesday, November 19, 2008

More Shaped Bokeh

I noticed once I had the pictures on the computer that his eye was OOF. I guess that's the bad thing about using such a big aperture. I'll try this again, just wanted to post some more.

The punches I used are about the same size as a dime. Or about 1.5 cm across.
I tried the horseshoe shape just now. I wasn't sure how a shape like that would work. So as long as the sizing is right it should work.
I am wondering how everyone is doing with this.


Anonymous said...

I figured you could come up with some interesting shapes and pics doing this! pretty cool!


Judy said...

Those are awesome Carin. I really love the backgrounds!! I don't have time to try one right now, but would love to soon!

Tash said...

way cool Carin.