Monday, January 12, 2009

A quick setting change can make a difference

Hey There Folks.  I wanted to share with you what a difference a little setting change can make.
I am in the habit of altering my photos in photoshop, but as I learn more magic with the camera, lighting a shoot I am slowly having to edit less and coming up with a better quality
SOOC Straight Out Of Camera Shot.
These are SOOC shots and I am quite proud of them.
I set the white balance for cloudy as it was cloudy that day.
Then I went into the camera menu settings and changed colors to VIVID.  Look at the wonderful effect that I got, and without my crutch (Photoshop)!  


Carin said...

Those did turn out really great with fantastic coloring. I play with the WB once in a while but am somtimes unsure what to use when I am inside. Does anyone have advice on the best setting for indoors. Sometimes my pics turn out yellowish.

I have not looked into the menu settings at all, isn't that terrible! Thanks for the great reminder to not forget the different capabilities of your camera.


Tash said...

Use the tungsten setting for indoors. Unless you have flourescent then use flourescent setting.
I can't believe what a diff using the wb setting makes

Anonymous said...

As nice as the cameras are nowdays it would seem that you "should" be able to do more with them but I don't speak the language of the camera so I don't know what to set it on most of the time thus leaving it up to the camera as to what is the best setting. By the look of your pics I need to read up a little myself!