Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Flowers DOF

Just if this qualifies as a DOF?
Not a perfect one, but wonder
if I'm on the right track? Thanks!

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Carin said...

Great job, Judy. You are definetly on the right track. You must be getting that awesome lens figured out. I never think to take pictures of flowers so I always enjoy when others take flower pictures. Thanks for posting. Glad you joined the group!

Anonymous said...

glad to see another person posting on this blog! I really enjoy seeing what you all come up with. Nice pic, I can't get depth of feild, the best I can do is a totally blurry pic!!!!


Carin said...

I just saw your comment on Carl's DOF. Did you figure out the best settings for your situation? Did you have your lens all the way out at 200mm? that usually works best with the telephotos. Let us know what you found worked best for you. For me I would have the telephoto all the way out still using the smallest apperture available.

Judy said...

Thanks for your kind words~you've encouraged me a lot! I am such a 'newbie' and feel like a toddler taking their first steps. Please do critique me too as I am here to learn. I have already learned so much from this blog! Yes Carin, I had to put my lense at 200mm. I can't tell you where my apperture was, it's been a couple of weeks since I took the pix. I can't say I'm gaining on my lense tho. There is so much about it that baffles me!! Especially when I get into the manual modes. I'm sure this pix wasn't taken using the 'A' or 'S' on the dial, let alone the 'M'!! Thanks again~you all have a great day!

Carl said...

Good Job!

A quick hint about digital cameras, all the exposure settings are saved in the picture file, so they can be recovered later by looking at the picture properties (unless of course the photographer is crafty and strips that information from the graphic file).

Iso: 450
Exp: 1/30 Sec
Stop: F/5.3
Exp Comp: 0 Step

To see this data, right click on the graphic file and select properties. Click on the Summary tab and than click the Advanced button...