Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Still Life DOF

For each of these pictures I used the apperture priority setting on my camera. f/2
ISO 100
50 mm

ISO 100


Carl said...

Absolutely amazing examples...

Sadly, my camera doesn't allow aperture priority; I guess this is another reason to purchase a DSLR...

rut said...

I was wondering since there are probably a lot of people like Carl who don't have that option on their camera if it is possible to photoshop in DOF? could a person alter the way they take the picture and then take it to the computer and fuzz out the background to make DOF appear?

Just curious, lord knows I am a bit fuzzy and Carin seemms to be clear so I ought to know something about DOF!!!!


Carin said...

Well, yes, I suppose you could say that. You could take your blur tool and blur your desired areas or use a gausian blur.

However, you can get your desired effect even if your camera does not have apperture priority. Apperture priority just means that you choose your apperture and let the camera figure out what the shutter speed needs to be. If you don't have Apperture priority you just shoot in manual choosing both your apperture as well as the shutter speed. You just may have your exposure off the first few shots until you adjust accordingly - if you don't have on board metering.

Anonymous said...

ok carin, you just blew off the top of my head with a whole bunch of camera garbly-gook----its all greek to me!! (LOL)

you know me a simple yes or no would have still buried me with to much info!


Judy said...

Hmmm..I must be doing something wrong (again!), but putting my camera in Manual mode, setting my aperture at it's lowest setting and then playing with the shutter speed only seems to make the pix lighter or darker. It doesn't blur the object at all. Same goes for setting it in aperture priorty and at the my lowest number which seems to be 3.5, it doesn't bring into focus just one object and blur the rest. I'm working with a 18-200 lense. HELP!??

Carin said...

I was using a 50mm lens with a huge apperture which I was shooting wide open, that's probably the only reason you see such a severe DOF on my pics. Could you let us know what mm you are at when you take shots - lower like 18mm or longer like 200mm. When I use my 18-135 I seem to get the best DOF when I shoot it at 135 mm. mayabe that's just my lens.

Also, maybe you might just want to put your camera on A setting and let the camera figure out for you what the shutter speed needs to be.

Any others have ideas?

Carl said...

I have found even with my "limited manual override" camera I can really mess with the depth of field in macro mode (which only makes sense since shooting distance affects DOF).

Carin you are absolutely correct, telephoto lens will shorten the DOF, which will make the aperture affect more pronounced.

Don't want to insult anyone, but remember the smaller the F-number the larger the aperture...I know I get confused on that sometimes...