Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Gradient Collage

I had been wanting to try something like this for a long time but I never could get the gradient tool figured out. Thanks Carl for the tutorial as it helped me to finally figure it out.

This is from a photo shoot I did this weekend. The dad really loves hunting and he was reading a Rocky Mountain Elk book to his daughter. Before I left I took a picture of the book by itself. That is where the Elk image on the right side came from .

I used the "foreground to transparent" gradient tool. I went at a slight angle to have the elk fall behind the dads legs.

What I am asking from anyone who reads this is some HONEST critiquing. Do you like it, dislike it, or is there something that would make it better?
*** EDIT***

I edited this one a bit more: I did a sepia effect on it and lowered the opacity. I also did a little painting between the dads legs and the book as well as just above the book so the elk showed more and the chair would show less.


Carl said...

WOW...That is using the gradient tool to some full potential. Both are extremely talented edits; not sure if I like the sepia one better. But than, I am not a huge sepia person.

As for honest critic, see what it looks like when you bring the book in front of the elk. Might look like both the daughter and the elk are enjoying the story.

Great job...

Judy said...

I love what you've done Carin! Really neat. You know, I personally liked the sepia one best. Sepia lends itself so well to the rustic and outdoors. You did good!

Cy said...

Since the collage your are doing is one that won't appear naturally, you need to decide what your are trying to do. I think I would have made it a bit more ethereal and made the elk more transparent. That way it would look more like what dad is thinking about rather than an elk reading the book with them, but that's just me. The beauty of photography/photoshop is that there is such great diversity among the artists.

Other than that, you did great work, keep it up!


Carin said...

I kicking myself now because I only saved this as a JPEG and not as a Photoshop. I will go back and take a look at what you are saying Cy, maybe I can just adjust the opacity and see what that does.

Cy said...

Under the catagory of "best practices" I always save a file to .psd (photoshop) if I open it. Rarely, if ever, do I flatten an image. I like to keep all the layers I create.

You can always either SaveAs or Export to Web to get the .jpg or .gif to post. Also, newer browsers can handle .png format in images. (.gif and .png both preserve transparancy)


Carin said...

I think I saved as a JPEG because I am using up SO much memory on my computer with all my photos. I need to go back and liberally delete all the junk in my files.