Thursday, October 30, 2008

Reflection on glasses

This is the original shot:

Working with the reflection you have to be careful that you don't take the 'life' out of the shot. This was done a over four years ago and perhaps I should redo it and see if I have gotten any better! But you get the idea of what I did.


Carin said...

Awesome job on that! I'm guessing it took awhile to complete? I wonder if Judy has worked on hers anymore?

Judy said...

Awesome job is right! I'm impressed. Did you use the cloning tool on this? Four years may be to far back to remember! I haven't had a chance to work on Nichole's glasses, but now that I know it can be done, I'll give it another shot. I ran into problems with the eyelid line but after reading about using the paint brush to draw that back in, I'll work with that too. Neat to see a familiar face in the pix. Nellie! Thanx for your help Auntie M. You all have a great day!!

Cy said...

Super job Auntie M! I think you are ready to write a tutorial for the blog!!


Auntie M said...

I used the cloning tool and the brush at different opacities to keep the natural look to the picture and I did have to add in eye lash line in some places.