Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Welcome to NO COMFORT ZONE PHOTO. Have you ever noticed that most people tend to get into a comfort zone. Dare I say rut? I know I can. I created this blog so that we can all get together to help one another get out of our comfort zone. Our photography comfort zone. Our Photoshop comfort zone. This is our chance to come together, teach one another, encourage one another and in turn we will grow as photographers.

Some suggestions for post entries could include the following:
*How I did it. - This could be anything from HOW you took a particular photo to HOW you did something in Photoshop. A tutorial if you will.

*How would you do it? - If you are having difficulty accomplishing something ask for advice on how to accomplish a particular photo, exposure, pose, composition, etc. or something in Photoshop

*Present a challenge -

*Ask a question -

*Share a photo - and ask others to either critique that photo or ask the others to try their hand at something similar, this may fall into the challenge category.

Please keep in mind that just because you have been doing something over and over doesn't mean someone else knows how to do it. That is where we fall into our comfort zone. By showing others what you know, you may be teaching them something completely new. My thought that is by TEACHING we become better LEARNERS.

Each Monday one person will post the main entry for that week. Keep in mind that you can always prepare your post early and post it Monday using the "Post Options".

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